Romantic Wedding Doors


My dear friend Anna called me a few weeks ago and breathlessly asked me if I could maybe, perhaps help her accomplish a wedding vision she had for their June ceremony?  Before I could say ‘absolutely’, she responded, good, because I’m basically already in your driveway.  She had found 2 old wooden doors at the ReStore and showed me her Pinterest board vision and the rest is history!

I was so thrilled to create this for her and her grooms special day.  Knowing these were not your typically antiqued pieces, I was really able to go to town with antiquing glazing effects to bring out the drama (which is perfect for my actor friends wedding).

I brought in some faux floral fun and built a custom garland and Annas friend helped stake these in place for the ceremony.


I guess we can officially say Brightwork can help bring these things to life – so if you or someone you know is looking for some event decor, let me know!


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