For the pups!

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and in our case, refinishing a new kitchen hutch forced a relocation of our dogs bowls which moved them far from our previous food storage area.  We custom built a dog food box/feeding station for our big guy Lagan and love these so much we’ve built some more.  IMG_3830

These feature a pull out removable plastic drawer with a handle which will hold 1-3 weeks worth of food depending on your dog.  The plastic box liner can be removed for washing.  This has a durable grey painted side and a varnished cherry top.  The box nicely fits 2 bowls and we’ve noticed the raised feeding station slows our dogs eating down a bit and is much better for his digestion and posture as he ages.  (Read more about that here:  We also love that it keeps the water bowl off the floor with young kids around.  You can add a non-slip mat if your dog loves to push bowls around the kitchen like ours does and that behavior will stop.IMG_3831

The 8.5″ high one is ready to go home with someone immediately for a small/medium-sized breed.  Talk to us about building a custom one if you have a larger or smaller dog.

8.5″ H x 17.5″ L x 12.5″ W

Thanks to my buddy Lagan for stepping into model this smaller feeder.   *Please note* His regular feeding box is 13″ tall, which is an appropriate height for his medium/large shepherd-lab frame.  To measure your dog for the ergonomically correct feeding height, use this resource.


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